Locomobile Type-48 7-M

First registration: 1917


Body type: sedan/limousine

Transmission: 4-speed manual

Traction: RWD (rear-wheel drive)

Engine type: spark-ignition 4-stroke

Fuel type: gasoline (petrol)

Power: 67kW/90HP

Locomobile, an automobile that became known as the “Best Built Car in America”, was also one of the most expensive and elegant automobiles manufactured in the United States. Locomobile had a slogan “Exclusive car for Exclusive people”. By 1911, the six-cylinder Model 48 weighed 3 tons and was built of magnesium bronze, aluminum and steel, cost $7,900 and was owned by the who’s who of upper East Coast aristocracy – Melon, Gould, Vanderbilt, Wanamaker, Governor Cox of Massachusetts, Wm. Wrigley to name a few. In the West, Locomobile 48’s were owned by names such as Charlie Chaplin, Tom Mix and Cecil B. DeMille.