Chrysler Imperial CG

Chrysler Imperial CG

First registration: 1931

Produced: 3228 pcs.

Body type: sedan

Transmission: 3-speed automatic

Traction: RWD (rear-wheel drive)

Engine type: spark-ignition 4-stroke

Fuel type: gasoline (petrol)

Power: 92kW/125HP

Top speed:

The label Imperial was created when Chrysler wanted to try its hand in the luxury market. Chrysler set the bar high and compared itself with Packard, Lincoln and Cadillac. The first Imperial was produced in 1926, while the car offered here is from the first year of the model’s greatly improved successor, 1931. The new Imperial had a completely new engine with eight cylinders and supremely elegant design. Chrysler among other things publicized the strength of the model with a number of speed records at Daytona Beach in 1931.